26′ Extendable Dog Leash


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Orange Dog Leash

Good for Small Dogs & Puppies


These leashes are designed to hold your dog. Please don’t expect them to stop a heavy dog on a full tilt run after something (ie, rabbit, dog, cat, possum, skunk etc.) They are designed to hold your dog. Out of the hundreds we have sold we have had 3 failures on dogs in excess of 80lbs, all dogs were at a full tilt run when the owner tried to stop them with leash, it did damage the leash. It will hold your dog at the amount let out, but do not expect to let them take running and have the leash stop them.

Price: $10.99

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  • 26 ft.
  • Auto retracting
  • Heavy duty, Designed for Small to Medium Sized Dogs.
  • Orange handle
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26′ Extendable Dog Leash
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